Special thanks to Matt Brod, Jude Walton and Mo Frechette of Zingerman's for their kind and generous addition to the Festival's 2002 charity donation.

Special thanks to all the bands who not only performed at the 2002 Festival, but also added their night's pay to the Festival's 2002 charity donation:

The Blaise Sherman Fury
Blame Thrower
Brendan Benson
The Come Ons
Deadstring Bros.
Desolation Angels
The Hentchmen
Little Engine
The Mood Elevator
More Monkey Than Man
The Nice Device
Over Under Sideways Down
Outrageous Cherry
The Paybacks
Rented Rooms
The Resonators
The Sirens
They Come in Three's
The Wildbunch
The Witches

Thanks to

All the attendees

All the bands

Julie and Dan from the Old Miami

Aaron Tyrell

John Lenardos

Matt Brod

Tom Deja & Bossman Graphics

Roe Peterhans

Eric Herman

Natalie Stavale from the PR firm

Dave Zainea

DJ Brad Hales / Third St. Saloon Funk Night

Willy Wilson of WDET

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