The following photos come to us from the lens of Tessa Basirico. If anyone else has band or crowd snaps from The Festival, let us know; we'd love to post 'em.

Brendan Benson

This was as close as anyone could get

No, seriously; you couldn't get any closer

Chrome Flies

At the Lager House

The Dishes

At the Lager House


At the Magic Stick

He's got his xanax. He's got his brandy.

Rap messiah

He invented rap

The Mood Elevator

At the Old Miami

Shipps, Pott, Plum

Singer Chris Plum double-fists his maracas.

Chris Plum and his mood-elevating t-shirt

The Nice Device

At the Lager House

Vocalist Alicia Gbur

The Paybacks

At the Magic Stick

Wendy Case, Johnny Hentch

Delicato, Case

Case, Hentch

The Wildbunch

At the Magic Stick

Gripping his banana

About to lose an arm

Quick pause for fret verification

Friday, March 8th

The Lager House

9PM: Rented Rooms 10PM: mHz 11PM: The Witches 12AM: The Dishes 1AM: Brendan Benson

Old Miami

9PM: The Singles 10PM: Blame Thrower 11PM: Mood Elevator 12AM: Modey Lemon 1AM: Over Under Sideways Down

Motor City Brewing Works

9PM: Desolation Angels 10PM: Atayla 11PM: Ethos 12AM: The Resonators / Deadstring Bros. 1AM: The Alphabet

Saturday, March 9th

The Magic Stick

9PM: Gunhack 10PM: The Blaze Sherman Fury 11PM: The Paybacks 12AM: The Wild Bunch 1AM: esQuire

The Lager House

8PM: Geto Gold 9PM: Chrome Flies 10PM: Nice Device 11PM: Sirens 12AM: Freddy Fortune 1AM: The Hentchmen

Old Miami

9PM: More Monkey Than Man 10PM: Taboo 11PM: Outrageous Cherry 12AM: The Come Ons 1AM: Bogue

Motor City Brewing Works

9PM: Little Engine10PM: DJ Charles Pearson 11PM: Halon 12AM: Showshane 1AM: They Come In Threes

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