Financial Breakdown

Gross of door receipts: $4,517.00
Minus costs (see right sidebar) -$1,078.36
Net of door receipts: $3,438.64
Initial donation: 1/2 door receipts (1/2 offered to bands as payment for performing) $1,719.32
Band donations: $1,296.00
Additional donations: $332.00

Final donation $3,347.32

The final donation was split evenly between our two charities: Gleaners Community Food Bank and The Food Bank of Oakland County.

When we say "costs", over there on the left in the financials breakdown, here's exactly what we mean:

Magic Stick "rental" $330.00
Door People (7x$50) $350.00
Wristbands $55.00
Fliers $30.00
Color Posters $35.00
Printmasters $170.00
Travel Reimbursement for two out-of-town bands $100.00
Money Orders $7.00
Postage $1.36

Total Costs $1,078.36

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